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"From highly skilled economic migrants to refugees with special skills or cultural experience each individual migrant has something of value to contribute to a nation."

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Global Talent

This category is a new guise of the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent as extended. It requires endorsement as its first stage: 

  • as a recognised leader (exceptional talent)

  • as an emerging leader (exceptional promise)

  • under the UK Research and Innovation endorsed funder option

followed by a second stage visa application.

The Endorsing Bodies are:


  • The Royal Society, for science and medicine.

  • The Royal Academy of Engineering, for engineering.

  • The British Academy, for humanities.

  • Tech Nation, for digital technology.

  • Arts Council England, for arts and culture.

  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), for research applicants.

Please see further details under OPTIONS FOR ENTREPRENEURS in the Services for Businesses section.

Start-ups and Innovators

If you have an innovative, viable and scalable business proposition these categories ostensibly replaced the Graduate Entrepreneur and Tier 1 Entrepreneur routes. The requirements for Innovator are onerous however and Innovators may be expected to expand to international markets or generate high turnover within a relatively short space of time. Whilst the Startups may seek support from an approved endorsing body the Innovator category would be suitable for highly experienced businessmen.

Please see further details under OPTIONS FOR ENTREPRENEURS in the Services for Businesses section.

Enterprising individuals who have already established, joined or taken over one or more businesses in the UK as a sole trader, partner or through a UK registered company to extend their leave and to qualify for settlement subject to their investment and job creation. This category is closed for new applicants.
If you are a high net worth individual and have £2m at your disposal in the UK you may qualify for the leave to enter or remain in this category. This category leads to settlement.
  Sponsored Migrants
If you have been granted a COS (Certificate of Sponsorship) by a licensed sponsor for a skilled job you will be able to apply for a entry clearance or leave to remain in the UK. This will be the case whether you are taking up a shortage occupation or a level 6 job offer. Where your proposed employer is not already a licensed sponsor we can assist them with all the processes required to secure the licence and to issue you the COS. Please see section for Businesses and Employers on this website. 


Students approved on courses offered by educational establishments accredited by the Home Office approved accreditation bodies may apply for sponsorship and a Certificate of Acceptance on a course of studies from their university or college provided the establishment is on the Sponsorship Register (See section on Sponsorship Licensing).For information about our fees under Tier 4 please click here.
  Tier 5 - Temporary Workers
If you are coming for a limited period of time to enhance your skills by working for a UK based employer under this sponsored category we can assist you or your sponsor. There  are several schemes for temporary workers.
  Ankara Agreement

Please see further details under OPTIONS FOR ENTREPRENEURS in the Services for Businesses section.

   EU Settlement and Pre-settlement Schemes
Having left the EU it would be important for EU nationals and their family members to apply to document their right to reside in the UK by the end of June 2021 for those EU nationals who have entered the UK by the end of the implementation period, i.e. those who are in the UK by 31.12.2020. Settled status would for those with five years residence in the UK and current residence by the end of 2020 would be sufficient for Pre-settled status.
   Dependent Family Members              
Spouses, minor children and other close relatives such as elderly parents and wider family may apply as dependents of settled persons or British nationals under the Immigration Rules. Close relatives may qualify under most categories under the Points Based System or under the Immigration Rules and under EU Law. 
Individuals seeking entry as business and family visitors or holidaymakers can come to the UK for a period of up to six months under current arrangements. Visa nationals will require an Entry Clearance (Visa) and non visa nationals do not require this but will need to satisfy the Immigration Officer on arrival as to the purpose and duration of their visit. Entry is currently possible for up to six months for students on a short course under the visitor provisions. Employment is prohibited. 
  Protection Routes
If you need international protection based on your fear of persecution under the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees or need Humanitarian Protection or leave based upon a potential infringement of your Human Rights we can help you. 
   Appeals & Reviews            
If you have been refused under a category of Immigration Law, which attracts a right of appeal to an Immigration Judge or if you have a right to a Review we can assist you with these procedures. As solicitors we can also make applications for Judicial Review engaging the most competent of specialist Immigration barristers. 
   All Other Categories            
We can assist you with many other Immigration categories of applicant not listed here. These are all applications under the Immigration Rules, under EU provisions (Accession State Workers and dependents of EEA nationals) and under the Home Office's discretionary policies as well as applications which raise issues under the Human Rights legislation and asylum.
   Settlement and Nationality            
We can also assist with applications for Permanent Residence and British Nationality. Those intending to apply for Settlement and British Citizenship later should be aware there are many changes currently being proposed by the UK Government as part of the Paths to Citizenship initiative.For information about our fees for the above categories please click here.




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